Ecore expands its Ecore Athletic portfolio with the introduction of Performance Motivate Plus.

Designed from customer feedback and tailored specifically for light strength and conditioning workouts, Performance Motivate Plus complements Ecore’s Performance Beast flooring, which excels in handling heavier weights. When adjoined, these two products facilitate a smooth transition between spaces, allowing users to seamlessly switch between different training modalities. Together, they cater to a wide array of training needs, making the Performance Collection solutions ideal for any fitness environment or application.

Available in rolls, Performance Motivate Plus is a 10.5mm surface featuring Ecore’s patented itsTru technology which fusion bonds a 2.5mm vulcanized composition rubber (VCR) surface layer to an 8mm VCR base layer. The surface layer provides durability and slip resistance while the base layer’s upcycled VCR provides ergonomic support to users. This new product structure allows flexible, seamless design in facilities offering workout spaces for both light and heavy strength and conditioning.

Performance Motivate Plus joins Ecore’s diverse Performance product line, which includes Performance Motivate, Performance Rally, Performance Beast, Performance Beast Plus, Performance Monster, Performance Modzilla, Performance UltraTile and Performance dBTile.

Furthermore, Ecore has introduced four new colors to every product line in the Performance Collection, enriching the visual options available to customers. These on-trend, new hues – Rustic Edge, Raw Titanium, Forged Steel and Urban Slate – add versatility and aesthetic appeal to fitness spaces.