Miracle Sealants, a manufacturer of professional-grade tile and stone care solutions, has expanded its offerings to include comprehensive maintenance solutions for countertop and grout cleaning.

At the 2024 Coverings show in April, Miracle Sealants unveiled its Countertop Care Solutions and Grout Sealer Plus, among other innovations, as part of the Rust-Oleum family of brands.

Countertop Care Solutions
Crafted to clean, polish, and protect surfaces with efficiency. Featuring exclusive Ceramic Protection technology, these solutions repel spills and messes while simplifying cleaning routines. The pH-neutral formula made with essential oils ensures safety for all natural and engineered stone countertops, complemented by a sweet tangerine fragrance.

Grout Sealer Plus
Engineered for advanced stain protection, water resistance and antimicrobial properties, this low-odor, water-based sealer actively inhibits mold and mildew growth on grout and tile surfaces, especially vital in moisture-prone areas like showers.