Faus Group, Inc. is a global leader in design and technology innovation. Faus manufactures products designed to meet consumer demands for laminate flooring and moldings of the highest level. Always a step ahead, Faus brings advanced expertise to the laminate floor industry by offering patented products and features that take laminate flooring to the next level.

Innovation is the goal - the driving force behind the

company's creativity.

With the introduction of two new design innovation breakthroughs - FastDesign™ and Multi-Direction Design™, Faus continues to raise the bar and set the standards for laminate flooring.

FastDesign™ is a multi-design system. Out of one SKU, you can have five different floors - depending on how you stagger your planks during installation. One SKU. One package. Five floors. The design choices include herringbone, diamonds, large spirals, small spirals and combinations. The options are endless.

With this innovation, Faus is providing consumers with sophisticated design choices at a fraction of the price of real herringbone or diamond hardwood flooring. In the past, these pattern compositions have been so complex that only professional installers could create them. With FastDesign ™, the installation is simple and DIY-friendly.

Multi-Direction Design™ is truly revolutionary. This "Wide Plank System" is based on Faus' InterPlank Design™ technology. InterPlank Design™ is the only design feature that allows for the creation of uninterrupted wood grain strips across seams. It works with the Self-Alignment System to make sure that no matter which combination of planks are used, the pattern matches up.

Multi-Direction Design™ is not only the first time the InterPlank™ technology has been incorporated into a non-wood grain product, it's the first time it's been able to run across all four directions: North, South, East and West. The pattern matches up top to bottom, no matter how the planks are selected.

The texture has been taken to the next level of technology as each stone has a unique feel.