Resilient flooring was once the darling of the decorating world. People loved it because it was easy to clean, as well as easy on their wallets, and it came in a wide range of colors and patterns. All of that is still true, and then some - thanks to recent innovations in the technology used to create resilient flooring. It's to your advantage to know what's new in the marketplace - recommend it to a customer, and she'll rely on you in the future for more expert advice.

Consumer's preferences have shifted over the years, and other flooring products like wood and laminate have become increasingly popular. But recent trends show that resilient is again gaining momentum with both designers and consumers, and finding its way into trendy and elegant decorating schemes.

One designer who enthusiastically recommends resilient flooring is Candice Olson, host of HGTV's "Divine Design". In a recent project that turned a cramped third-floor attic space into a spa-like bathroom retreat, she chose Mannington resilient for the job.

"Resilient flooring was the right product for this job. Not only is it gorgeous, but we know it will last a long time and be easy to keep clean," says Divine Design's Steven Southgate, design supervisor for the series. "That's one of the reasons Candice and her clients love resilient flooring. Many of them have active households, and of course they want a floor that's beautiful, but they also need it to fit into their lifestyle."

Research conducted by Mannington shows that female consumers - your ‘target audience' - require both beauty and durability from their floors. Now more than ever they can get both with resilient flooring, and some of the advances that make it possible are so new, they'll look to you to tell them more.

One of the things that has brought resilient flooring back into favor is the fact that it just looks so much more ‘real' than ever before. The process by which it's made has seen a lot of technological advancement in the past couple of years, and manufacturers are creating floors that look incredibly like the ‘real thing'.

To achieve this realism, Mannington's research and development team created NatureForm OptixTM, a proprietary process which combines the beauty of nature with the latest advances in printing, texturing, and finishing.

Consumers called for more realistic looking floors, and manufacturers have answered. Today's resilient flooring takes realism to a new level - which gives you a new selling point, and a satisfied customer.