DALTON, Ga. -- Mohawk Industries’ 2002 advertising campaign, which featured claw-footed tables, boot-kicking action figures and other inanimate objects magically coming to life to enjoy Mohawk carpet, was awarded the print campaign “Best of Show” in the first round of the American Advertising Awards.

“The 2002 campaign has been tremendously successful for Mohawk Industries,” said Ed Williams, the company’s senior vice president of Marketing. “It has significantly increased Mohawk’s brand awareness within our target audiences, showcased our industry-leading carpet products, and has begun to introduce Mohawk as a total flooring company.” The 2002 ‘Mohawk Makes the Room’ campaign conveys the message that the beauty and quality of Mohawk carpet is so appealing, even inanimate objects can’t resist it. Featuring plastic action figures, a ball and claw table, and ceramic figurines, the ads showcase beautiful carpet and room scenes, while drawing audiences into the page with a magical story.

“Mohawk’s print and television ads break away from typical category advertising, which often focuses on a room’s d¿r or a sales promotion,” Williams explained. “In contrast, Mohawk’s ads tell a story about the feeling of soft carpet under your feet and the emotional response to a truly beautiful room.”

The “Mohawk Makes the Room” 2002 campaign launched in March 2002 and was featured on six cable networks and in more than 25 national consumer magazines. Mohawk partnered with the Pittsburgh headquarters of advertising agency MARC USA to research, create and execute the campaign. The ads are designed to communicate with women ages 35-54, who are homeowners with mid-level incomes.

Mohawk received ‘Best in Show’ among more than 550 advertising entries at the Pittsburgh Advertising Federation ADDY® Awards ceremony. The campaign will now be submitted to the regional, district-two competition, to compete with work produced by Northeast agencies.