SALEM, N.J. -- Mannington has equipped its company website with a new online Virtual Decorator tool that enables customers to select a room scene, then mix and match flooring, wall coverings, draperies, cabinets and upholstery to create a personalized decor.

The tool, which can be accessed at, allows a wide variety of decorating combinations. Customers can select a room scene and customize not only the flooring pattern, but also the walls, draperies, cabinets and upholstery. They can even change the direction of the floor pattern in the room scene. Virtual Decorator, featuring the Infinite Imaging platform developed by Scene7, allows customers to see how Mannington floors would look within an entire design scheme.

"For the first time, our customers will be able to select from thousands of floor options and other home furnishings, then visualize how the products will look in their homes," said Lori Keith, Mannington’s Internet marketing manager. "The Virtual Decorator is extremely valuable to Mannington because it allows us to effectively market our products online in a way that will improve our sales and increase customer satisfaction.

"We selected Scene7's imaging platform for its superior rendering technology, photo-quality results and easy integration with our existing systems," Keith added. "Scene7 exceeded our expectations by working closely with us to deliver a complete application that enhances our company's emphasis on interactive design technology, style and quality."