Award Hardwood's Master's Touch flooring line

Award Hardwood Floors recently unveiled Master's Touch, the company's new hardwood flooring line featuring three categories.

The line consists of six colors of Antique Plank, designed to capture the appearance of original time-conditioned wood; four colors of Time Worn Plank, designed to replicate the hand-honing techniques of early American craftsmen; and four colors of Majestic Plank, six-inch wide-width planks that showcase the natural beauty and distinctiveness of real hardwood.

The 14 Master's Touch colors are being featured solely in a new display system that can be converted into an island design or used as a wall display. Merchandising and inventory of Master's Touch will be available beginning this month. The latest colors, styles, and display systems for Master's Touch will be on view at Surfaces 2003 in Las Vegas.