Mohawk's Northern Forest Dawson Creek Oak in Antique

At Surfaces 2003, Mohawk will introduce new selections in its Natural Inspirations and Northern Forest hardwood product lines.

Natural Inspirations is a longstrip line that features Mohawk’s exclusive glueless DuraLoc LS horizontal locking system and the CrystalShield Ceramica finish. New designs include African Oak, African Wenge, Kambala, Jarva, Beech, and White Oak.

Northern Forest is a line of 3/4-inch solid wood planks with an average length of 36 inches. Boards are cut with a straight-line rip saw, and are available in maple, birch, cherry, and oak styles. Mohawk also utilizes special treatments on the boards. For the maple finishes, extreme heat is avoided in curing, which is meant to prevent the wood from turning brownish-yellow and to retain a cleaner look.