Alliance Flooring Inc. introduced the Color Tile Program at its summer convention in September. The program has been designed as a store-within-a-store concept, according to the company. Alliance Flooring acquired Color Tile in May.

The first component of the program is the launch of the Color Tile Design Gallery, which contains six custom wood displays featuring a wide selection of tile, laminate and hardwood products.

The second component offers the Color Tile Select Series, a collection of products from core suppliers who have agreed to co-brand with Color Tile. This component enables retailers to retrofit existing display leaders and graphics with the Color Tile brand, Alliance says, and allows vendors to display their name alongside Color Tile.

The final component is a regionally selected private-label program, in which additional tile and stone products are provided through regional distributor programs that licensed dealers will be able to sell under the Color Tile name.

Alliance Flooring also offers a CarpetsPlus/Color Tile license program, which incorporates a soft-surface selling system along with the Color Tile Design Gallery.