DuPont expands its carpet recycling center

DuPont has completed an initiative to upgrade and expand its nylon carpet reclamation center in Calhoun, Ga. In addition to receiving, sorting, baling, and packaging used carpet, DuPont has added equipment to recover nylon at the facility.

In August, the facility reached its full operational potential of producing 1,000 pounds of recovered nylon per hour. The process involves recovering a clean nylon 6,6 resin from used nylon carpet recovered in the DuPont Carpet Reclamation Program. The facility is capable of sorting as much as 50 million pounds of used carpet per year.

Since 1991, the DuPont Carpet Reclamation Program has reclaimed more than 60 million pounds of carpet. Recycled content is used to manufacture carpet fiber, resilient flooring tiles, carpet cushion, sod reinforcement, and automobile parts. This year, DuPont Antron expanded recycled content capability to virtually all DuPont Antron Lumena solution-dyed nylon products.