WHITEHALL, Pa.--Domco Tarkett Residential has announced its Get R.E.A.L. spring promotion to support its new lines of resilient sheet flooring--Domco Vintage and Tarkett Contours.

R.E.A.L. stands for realistic look and texture, easy to clean and maintain, affordable for anyone, and luxurious colors and patterns.

Both Domco and Tarkett will reward the retail salesperson with $100 every day to the fifth caller who has sold a Domco Vintage job or a Tarkett Contours job. Every time the retail salesperson calls in a TruTex job, they will be entered into a sweepstakes for a $5,000 drawing at the end of the promotion.

Additionally, the first 1,000 salespeople who register for the promotion by April 15 will receive a free TruTex T-shirt. All first time callers will be sent a TruTex coffee mug.

Retail owners also benefit in the Get R.E.A.L. Sweepstakes. If their salesperson is the $5,000 winner, then they receive $1,000. For every job sold and submitted on the salesperson scorecard, the owner receives one chance at five prizes.

At the end of the promotion five names are drawn. The five winners are flown to Montreal in August for a tour of the mill, sightseeing and a dinner. At the dinner, the company will award prizes with values ranging from $1,000 to $20,000.

The Get R.E.A.L Sweepstakes will run from May 1 through June 30.

For additional information, retailers can contact their local Domco and Tarkett distributors or go to www.domco.com or www.tarkettusa.com.