DuPont Flooring Systems has completed a five-year renewal program the company undertook to expand and modernize its capacity worldwide.

Based on plans announced earlier, modernized capacity expansions for basic carpet fiber (BCF) at Kingston, Ontario, Canada, and Waynesboro, Va., started in December 2000 and the first half of 2001. DuPont also modernized and consolidated its capacities at facilities in Oestringen, Germany, and Berazetigui, Argentina. In addition, the company completed BCF modernization projects at plants in Camden, S.C., and Seaford, Del.

Completion of the modernization program is expected to give DuPont some of the most modern, flexible and cost-effective operations in the global flooring industry. The initiative was also formulated enable DuPont to take actions necessary to mitigate any softening in its markets.