Sinclair Equipment Co.'s Delta II is a dual-head grinder for concrete smoothing and removal of surface coatings, adhesives, and other debris. Featuring either the company's tulip or triangle design, the grinding discs are designed to overlap each other so that no void is created between the two discs. This results in full 19-inch coverage, Sinclair says.

Delta II's floating head system is designed to follow the contour of the floor for even grinding, and the unit's engagement lever allows users to lift the grinding heads off the floor for ease of operation. The rear wheels are adjustable, making the grinding discs level to ensure even wear, and can also be angled to meet specific needs. A wide variety of disc grits, utilizing diamond or tungsten carbide, are available for different applications. Weighing in at 435 lbs., the Delta II operates electrically at 230 volts, 40 amps and 10 hp, or at 9 hp with a Honda gas-powered engine.