CFI now certifies 'Installer friendly' products

CFI Installation Assurance Program Logo.

The International Certified Floorcovering Installers Association (CFI) has launched the Installation Assurance Program (IAP), the organization's consumer product evaluation initiative. The IAP reviews all associate products submitted to the CFI under the new CFI Consumer Protection Policy.

Associates whose products are found to be "installer friendly" may elect to use the Installer Friendly Seal in ads, on their packaging and in other promotions. To earn a seal, products must be successfully reviewed by the IAP Assessment Council. CFI will then issue a one-year license, at no additional cost, which will allow manufacturers to display the seal on their approved products.

To obtain more information, or submit a product for assessment, telephone (719) 594-6146, fax (719) 623-0636 or e-mail