Dancik-On-Disk International Ltd., a provider of software and solutions for the decorative building products industry, has acquired the rights to Actimage technology, a “visualization engine” that the company claims will bring advanced visualization capabilities to Dancik’s suite of software products aimed at manufacturers, distributors and retailers of natural stone, ceramic tile, wood, laminates, and other floor and wall coverings.

The Actimage technology will form the core of several Dancik products, including a computer-based viewing tool that allows floor covering shoppers to see products in real-world settings. Using a mouse-driven interface, any user can see instantly what a room would look like with any pattern, color and combination of surfaces, the company said. The product, Image Builder, is already in use by Dancik customers, including Color Tile, Florida Tile and Laufen International.

Actimage technology is a series of tools and programs that can render and manage photo-realistic and geometrically accurate digital images; create architecturally accurate estimates for covering surfaces such as floors, walls and counters; serve as components for space management applications; and serve as design, estimating and order placement components for business-to-business and business-to-consumer applications.