ST. LOUIS -- Color Tile dealers recently started using GE Capital’s Internet credit application process on their local websites. The online application allows local customers to obtain pre-approved Color Tile credit before leaving home.

According to the company, the on-line credit approval process was designed to put time saving technology tools in the hands of its members while leveraging its brand as the keystone of the company’s mission.

“It is possible for a dealer to check the credit application activity on his site, learn what kind of project that customer has in mind, check stock and prices, create a direct mail communication or a project proposal and set up an appointment with a customer, all over the Internet from anywhere there is an Internet connection,” said Tim Tipton, Color Tile vice president of marketing.

Color Tile’s on-line approval process is a service of GE Capital. The member websites are a part of a vendor-sponsored program in conjunction with

Armstrong, the primary sponsor of their websites, communicates sales leads to the dealers’ backroom. Armstrong’s links are filtered so visitors linking back to Armstrong see only those products sponsored by Color Tile. The sites can be customized to suit the needs of the independent dealer.