Domco's Inlaidia Collection

Domco's Inlaidia is a collection of resilient floors, available in a wide array of new designs and colors, that features the company's FlexBac backing. The color and design on most vinyl floors is printed on a backing the same way a picture is printed in a magazine. But Inlaidia is an Inlaid Fusion Floor. Domco manufactures Inlaidia by fusing together millions of tiny color particles via an exclusive ColorFusion process.

Inlaidia's durability is reinforced by its FlexBac resilient backing, which is designed to make the floor resistant to damage and easy for the professional installer to work with. As part of Domco's Natural Wonders Collection, Inlaidia is now available in eight designs and 27 colors. The line is covered by Domco's 20-year Extreme Performance Warranty against wear.