Increased costs in production, transportation and fuel have prompted resilient flooring maker Forbo Flooring North America to increase prices by 3 to 5 percent on its lines, effective Nov. 1. In addition, Forbo said it will change the stock availability of some of its vinyl sheet flooring. Products including Eternal Form Starchip, Eternal Form Sparkle and TractionStep will now be available as non-stocked items and will require a lead time of six to eight weeks, Forbo noted.

The move aims to "maintain higher levels of inventory on high-turnover items in the company's vinyl collections," Forbo said. The change compes in anticipation of the company's new Comfort Program Product collection, set to debut in November. Featuring a range of healthcare flooring including Marmoleum Decibel, Quartz Decibel and Eternal Wood Decibel flooring, the collection is also geared toward installations in classrooms, libraries and exhibition areas, Forbo said.