Congoleum Corp. has sought Bankruptcy Court authority to retain the law firms Pillsbury Winthrop LLP of New York City and Okin, Hollander & DeLuca L.L.P. of Fort Lee, N.J., as substitute counsel in its Chapter 11 proceedings. In light of ongoing unresolved disputed litigation concerning the retention of Saul Ewing LLP as counsel, the Bankruptcy Court will be asked to allow Saul Ewing to withdraw after a transition period.

"We are very pleased that a firm such as Pillsbury Winthrop has agreed to represent us," said Congoleum Chairman Roger S. Marcus. "We believe that this change in counsel at this time will help us stay on track towards a successful conclusion of our reorganization.

"Hiring substitute bankruptcy counsel will avoid the potential ongoing distraction of litigating the Saul Ewing retention further and assure us of continuity of counsel as we seek confirmation of our plan. Saul Ewing has our utmost gratitude and respect for the fine job they have done bringing us to this point."

Congoleum also indicated that it will seek additional time from the Bankruptcy Court at the scheduled Oct. 5 court date to continue its efforts to address certain concerns raised about its pending reorganization plan.

"We believe that we are closer to resolving a number of issues, and that it is worth taking the time now to make our plan as solid as possible and minimize objections to the extent we can," Marcus explained. "We are optimistic that we will be in a position to proceed with the plan confirmation process in the near future, and anticipate this step will make that process go more smoothly."