Domco has announced it will not participate in Surfaces 2005. Instead, the company in December will hold a distributor conference at company headquarters and will partner with its distributors in planning retailer meetings across the country.

The move gives Domco the ability to officially launch its products and programs almost two months ahead of the Surfaces dates and gives its customers a head start on the 2005 selling season, according to Stephan Guindon, vice president of sales and marketing, Domco.

Prior to finalizing a decision, Guindon and his regional managers collected feedback from customers on the value of holding meetings in December versus participating in Surfaces. After considering a variety of options, the general consensus was that a December event, followed by regional meetings, would meet the company's and the customers' objectives, noted Guindon.

At the two-day meeting, the company will announce its strategies for the year, introduce additions to its Influence and Elite lines, launch a new display system and debut a redesigned website. In addition, the company will name a new distributor council that will work closely with Domco management to assure the company provides its retailers with the sales and marketing tools needed to successfully promote the Domco brand.