Sixteen-year company veteran Ulf Mattsson has resigned his positions as president and CEO of Tarkett Inc. to pursue other interests. Though his resignation is effective immediately, Mattsson will remain with Tarkett during a transition period of unspecified duration to complete certain strategic company projects.

Concurrently, Tarkett is restructuring its business units in to global commercial and residential organizations. The company's North American business unit will be integrated into the global residential structure with Jan Lembregts, president of Tarkett Residential, and Jim Morando, president of Tarkett Wood, reporting to John Rietveldt, the head of the global Residential Division.

Gille de Beaumont, president of Tarket Commercial in North America, now reports to Regis de Boissieu, president of Takett Commercial worldwide.

During his tenure with Tarkett, Mattsson was based in five different countries and served the company in a variety of capacities. Saying that the time was right to pursue the "next step" in his career, Mattsson added, "We have built up a strong organizational base with exceptional leadership in our three divisions here in North America, and I am convinced they are ready to successfully develop the business going forward.

"In addition, the successful launch of our new corporate identity and branding initiative will ensure a common platform for the different business segments in North America."