TRELLEBORG, Sweden -– Laminate products manufacturer Pergo AB reported a first quarter 2002 operating profit of 7 million Swedish Kronor (U.S. $700,000) compared to a loss of 54 million Kronor (U.S. $5.4 millon) in the year-earlier period.

Net sales during the first quarter of 2002 amounted to 905 million Kronor (U.S. $90.5 million), an increase of 6% compared to the corresponding period in 2001. Net debt amounted to 203 million Kronor (U.S. $ 20.3 million). The previously announced forecast for the entire year 2002 of operating profit amounting to 50 million Kronor (U.S. $5 million) and a negative cash flow from ongoingoperations remains unchanged.