BurkeMercer Flooring Co. Safety Glow Maxxi Treads

BurkeMercer Flooring Co. has added two new safety products to its line of treads and nosings: Safety Glow Maxxi Treads and Safety Glow Visual Safety Nosings.

Safety Glow Maxxi Treads follows the company's current Maxxi Tread design, but adds embedded stripes that glow in the dark during an emergency. The treads are charged under normal interior lighting conditions. When the lights go out, the stripes release stored light energy to provide occupants with a clear path down stairwells.

BurkeMercer also offers Safety Glow Visual Safety Nosings for building designs that have carpeted or tiled stairs with 1/4-inch lip. Both products meet the California Disabled Access Regulations Title 24, Section 3306, Striping for the Visually Impaired When Used with Contrasting Colors.