In a strategic move to more efficiently manufacture and market their combined hospitality flooring products, ModaVation by Lees will be merged into The Mohawk Group's Durkan Patterned Carpets division, effective April 15.

The integration of both organizations' capabilities, creativity and knowledge of the hospitality market will create new and cutting-edge opportunities in design, technologies and services, ensuring the commercial carpet industry will reap enormous benefits from this dynamic union for many years to come, the companies said in a joint statement.

"Merging the ModaVation capabilities into the Durkan line was a logical progression to expand market presence, considering Mohawk's infrastructure that lends itself to the design, servicing, marketing and distribution of custom Tapistron-type programs," said Allen Parker, vice president of custom design for Lees. "ModaVation was focused on the high-style public space sector of the hospitality market, utilizing the unique patterning capabilities of Tapistron CYP tufting technology. Combining ModaVation's CYP capacity with Durkan's will produce, by far, the most CYP capacity in the industry."

"The stellar reputations of both Durkan and ModaVation in terms of design, performance and service will make for an extremely successful marriage of the brands," said Steve Hillis, senior vice president, sales for Durkan Patterned Carpet. "Durkan has transitioned from a small family-owned niche player to the strongest and most competitive package of carpet products for public spaces, corridors and guest rooms.

"Clearly," Hillis added, "our ability to further develop Durkan's business has been an added value to the hospitality industry, and we are confident that incorporating ModaVation by Lees will yield similar, outstanding benefits and results."

Mohawk Industries acquired Durkan in 1999. Durkan is credited with pioneering many of the printed carpet technologies, special cushion backing and custom services related to high-quality patterned carpet.