Armstrong World Industries, Inc. has filed an amended Plan of Reorganization (POR) and proposed Disclosure Statement in its Chapter 11 reorganization case with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Wilmington, Del.

The filings with the court seek to address certain comments and objections made with respect to the original proposed Disclosure Statement and also include certain exhibits to the POR and the proposed Disclosure Statement, such as the procedures describing how asbestos personal injury claims will be handled by the asbestos personal injury trust. The court has scheduled a hearing on Armstrong's proposed Disclosure Statement for April 4, 2003.

The amended POR is supported by the asbestos personal injury claimants' committee, the representative for future asbestos personal injury claimants, and the unsecured creditors' committee. The amended POR will only become effective after a vote of various classes of creditors and with the approval of the court.