The MAPEI Group is providing key sponsorship of the World Cup of Skiing Super Finals, which will take place in Sestriere (province of Turin), Italy, March 10 to 14.

All the race identification material will display the MAPEI brand, from athletes' official identification numbers to racetrack start and finish banners, plus billboards and printed materials. The already high visibility of this MAPEI event will be heightened by hot air balloons, banners and signage, and by the presence of the MAPEI motor home.

MAPEI customers will be entertained in the hospitality area, where they will enjoy VIP seating and even have the opportunity to assist with the races. A Gala Dinner will be held on the evening of March 12.

Events will be broadcast live on Sky TV and major international TV channels as well as the Italian National State TV RAI Network and RDS National radio circuit. During this time MAPEI will run over 60 commercials. In the U.S., broadcasts will appear on the Outdoor Life Network; and in Canada, events will be shown on the Sport 2 channel.