Several former DuPont Flooring Systems executives have launched Inside Edge Commercial Interior Services, a new commercial flooring services company offering a fresh alternative to procurement, installation and maintenance of commercial flooring. The new company, which opens its doors on March 8, will be headquartered in Minneapolis with an operations center in St. Louis.

Inside Edge will offer a new direct-buy service model that supports the entire procurement process from initial estimate to final delivery and installation, while allowing clients to buy materials directly from the manufacturer. Specific services provided by Inside Edge include specifying, price negotiation, interior design, material management, purchasing, labor & installation and maintenance.

The new company will also fully disclose to customers all fees, manufacturer and service provider invoices, and guarantee a full refund on fees if customers are dissatisfied with either their cost savings or quality of service.

The Inside Edge founders include David Moeller, president; Paul Woodside, vice president of sales & marketing; Bill Mussey, vice president of maintenance services; Bill McGowen, vice president of labor services; and Rich Mattern, national accounts executive.