Tarkett Commercial will institute a 4 to 7 percent price increase on all its vinyl composition tile and related products effective June 1. The company said the increase is necessary to offset the rising costs of raw materials and natural gas, and to deal with an unforeseen shortage in co-polymer supply.

"For the past several months, we have incurred cost increases that we have not passed on because our efficiencies were helping to offset them," said Gilles de Beaumont, president of Tarkett Commercial, North America. "Unfortunately, we can no longer absorb additional increases in raw materials and now must pass a portion of these increased costs on to our customers.

"As many are aware," de Beaumont added, "this situation is not indigenous to the flooring industry; rising production costs are having an impact on all product categories right now. It is important to remember that Tarkett remains dedicated to creating efficiencies that help lower supply costs wherever possible. We appreciate our distributor family's understanding of these necessary increases and emphasize our commitment to developing flooring products that are both innovative and cost-effective."