To reflect the broadened scope of the show, organizers behind the International Tile & Stone Show are rebranding the event as Source Expo. Plans call for shows to remain in New York City, Las Vegas and Miami, but under the new Source Expo name.

"Finding the best sources for all the products and services [attendees] require is the mission of Source Expo," said the organizers in a statement. Unlike the International Tile & Stone Show, the newly minted Source Expo will not focus only on stone, machinery and tile, but will also offer access to "a wide variety of products [including] cabinets, flooring, doors, windows and fixtures," according to organizers.

The Las Vegas event is planned for Oct. 19-21. In 2007, Source Expo is slated to open in Miami, March 23-25 and New York, Sept. 7-9. For more information, call (800) 564-5975 or visit