Brazilian Tigerwood is featured in Faus’ newest collection, Really Exotic™. This collection showcases some of the most popular, expensive wood species in one very stylish, trendy package.

Monticello Marble, from the Masterpieces® Collection, combines classic elegance in a black and white color scheme with a modern diamond inlay design.

Faus Group is a global leader in the laminate flooring industry, with manufacturing facilities in Europe, Asia and the United States. Always the leader in design and technology innovation, Faus manufactures products designed to meet consumer demands for laminate and moldings of the highest level. With the unveiling this month of 16 new products (including updates to an existing line and one entirely new collection), Faus continues to prove they are on the cutting edge of design, style and color trends. Really Exotic™ is an exciting line of species from around the world – Tigerwood, Merbau, Walnut, Mahogany and Wenge. Showcasing natural, rich new colors, Really Exotic™ will add warmth and elegance, as well as a fashion-forward flair to any home. This collection features Faus’ 12” Wide Plank System with trendsetting 3” and 6” wood strip widths and will not only allow consumers to have the world at their feet, but to create a world of their own. The Masterpieces® Collection will be updated with four tile looks and two wood grains. Featured in the new tile looks is an innovative Monticello Marble with diamond inlays in a classic black and white color combination and a Roman Travertine with 12” x 24” stones and rectified grout lines.But they’re not stopping there. Faus is also strengthening their already extensive patent portfolio with the introduction of UltraClarity™ and DualFinish™ - the latest innovations in surface technologies. UltraClarity™, found in the Really Exotic™ Collection, features a smooth, polished finish and an enhanced MicroBevel®. UltraClarity™ technology creates a pure, clear design and pattern definition. DualFinish™ technology, also found in Really Exotic™, showcases both a smooth, polished finish and Embossed-In-Register® technology and utilizes variations of gloss levels. The contrasting looks create a depth and realism never before seen in the laminate industry.

Roman Travertine also updates a traditional look with 12”x24” tiles and rectified grout lines.

We’ve said it before, but it bears repeating. Innovation is our goal – the driving force behind our creativity. At Faus, you’re getting more than just laminate flooring. You’re getting real innovations and real technologies. You’re getting real floors from real leaders.