(Left) Carpet & Vacuum Expo Associate John Meyer, (Center) – Roesel – Heck Distributor Representative Mike Hubb, (Right) – Carpet and Vacuum Expo Owner Steve Shaffer.

“Why settle for a picture when you can have the real thing?” asks Erik Christensen, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Edge Flooring, LLC. “We have developed a truly innovative line of porcelain and natural stone products that provide consumers and dealers a viable, high performance laminate alternative to traditional ceramic tile”. Edge Flooring, which incorporates the Uniclic patented interlocking system to install tile and natural stone, allows both do-it-yourselfers and professionals the ability to create high quality floors with fewer materials, in less time, with less mess.

Authentic tile and natural stone products, reduced installation time, and less mess are just a few of the benefits offered by Edge Flooring. “Recently, one of our dealers completed an 1,800 sq ft Edge granite tile installation where our product was the perfect flooring solution for a very elaborate home re-model,” stated Christensen. “The consumer really wanted traditional granite in her entry, halls and kitchen but the high cost of removing the existing ceramic tile put her over budget”. Edge Flooring’s innovative design allows their products to be installed directly over most existing hardsurface floor coverings thus reducing the need for extensive floor preparation. The high performance characteristics of the product prevent the floor from being negatively affected by subfloor deflection, concrete slab fractures or minor subfloor irregularities. “In essence, we have engineered a high quality, floating tile floor system that provides all the performance benefits of both tile and laminate including outstanding visuals, durability, ease of installation and limited floor preparation,” Christensen explains.

1,800 Sq Ft Remodel using Edge GTL Galaxy Black Granite.

According to Steve Shaffer, Owner of Carpet and Vacuum Expo in Potomac, Md, “Edge Flooring was chosen for this project because of the low cost of the granite and minimal floor preparation requirements. They installed close to 1,800 sq ft of real granite in 3 1/2 days, not likely with a traditional granite install. For a store that is not in the tile business, it puts us in the tile business,” Shaffer added.

“Edge Flooring enables dealers to expand their hardsurface offering and provide customers with a high performance laminate alternative to traditional ceramic”. The current Edge Flooring product offering consists of 20 porcelain and natural stone products. “Several of our successful dealers are not considered tile destinations in their markets,” Christensen said. “Our product portfolio and display vehicles enable dealers to add a versatile, high quality, high performance program with minimal investment.

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