Lobby of Red Rock Casino, Resort and Spa, featuring teakwood sandstone marble with onyx, granite and tiger’s eye accents.

Since the Red Rock Casino, Resort and Spa opened in April 2006, discerning visitors to Las Vegas have a fresh, contemporary alternative to the city’s famously massive hotels and casinos. The entire 70-acre facility is inspired by the desert-scape it is named for, and pays homage to the elegant, mid-century desert oases of Las Vegas and Palm Springs.

Natural Stone a Key Element in Red Rock Design

Natural stone plays a key role in bringing the vision and aesthetics of Red Rock to life. Sean Carpenter, project manager for Western Tile & Marble, led the team responsible for over 100,000 square feet of teakwood sandstone marble, onyx and other natural stone in the casino floor and hotel lobby.

Having relied on installation systems from Custom® Building Products for many years, Sean knew that Custom would deliver the performance, expertise and support necessary for this high profile project.

Installation System from Custom Building Products Ensures Quality Results

A team of experts from Custom analyzed the project and recommended a complete system of products – from surface preparation and setting materials to grout – for each installation area. After specifying proper materials for Sean’s team, Custom stayed involved with ongoing technical consultation and jobsite visits.

“We’ve worked with Custom products for years, and knew that their reliable, high-performance products and technical support were unsurpassed,” said Sean. “It was an easy decision to use Custom products exclusively on this project, and the result is an installation that is both beautiful and structurally sound.”

Surface preparation was the first order of business. The existing concrete subfloor required generous amounts of Skim Coat & Patch Cement Underlayment to create a uniform surface suitable for setting stone. RedGard® Waterproofing and Crack Prevention Membrane was applied throughout for crack isolation. The 12” x 24” and 6” x 24” teakwood sandstone marble, along with onyx, granite and tiger’s eye accents, were set using MegaFlex® Crack Prevention Mortar, a high performance mortar with exceptionally high bond strength and crack isolation properties up to 1/8”. 100% Solids Epoxy Grout, in neutral shades complementary to the natural beauty of the stone, was the final step.

System Warranty Provides Peace of Mind

In addition to reliability, Western Tile & Marble needed the assurance and peace of mind that come with a long-term warranty. Known for its comprehensive warranty program, Custom tailored a warranty for the Red Rock project, guaranteeing the entire installation with a 15-Year Installation Systems Warranty.

After a splashy grand opening in April, 2006, Red Rock Casino, Resort and Spa is bringing old-school Vegas cool to a new generation of travelers and gamers who enjoy elegance and the beauty of the desert motif brought to life through natural stone.