Santos Mahogany, Cinnamon Maple Hand-Scraped

“WHO IS MAX WINDSOR FLOORS? Their products are fantastic and the prices are excellent.” These are some of the feedbacks that the majority of distributors and manufacturer sales reps are saying.

Market leaders normally focus on the best product, price, or total solution. Max Windsor prides itself in its ability to offer such a complete package. The industry standard for wood flooring manufacturer is 5% defective tolerance. Max Windsor sets its goals at manufacturing the best product available in the market aiming at 0-1% defective tolerance. We have been known for many of our product lines to have such consistencies. Our factory’s mission is solely to focus on the quality output of our products and continuous attempt to achieve perfection. In addition, we also strive to offer the best prices for the values in relevance to the product class within the market place. We have been told this by countless satisfied clients. Finally, we offer a total solution to our clients by partnering ourselves with our distributors worldwide, investing and supporting them toward a mutual long-term growth and success together. We have an exceptional team of staff, from account managers, customer service, order desk, to warehouse shipping/receiving. At Max Windsor, we operate at a corporate level that practices with the utmost integrity, professionalism and personalized services. This positive synergy is constantly portrayed during our daily business operations and as a result, we have developed a tremendous clientele-base who are also considered our long-term friends and family.

Mocha Heritage Hand-Scraped, Savana Whiskey Hand-Scraped,

Max Windsor Floors has four engineered collections: Victorian, Alexander, Apollo and Maximus Collection.

Victorian Hand-Scraped Collection is our newest elite product line. This collection is produced with the most innovative technology, hand-scraped and hand-stained with two-tone colors to achieve the combined unique look of rustic, royalty, and romance. Currently, there are seven colors available in two widths, 5-inch and 7-inch. Since the introduction of this product line to the market place, we have experienced phenomenal success.

Alexander Hand-Scraped Collection is produced with state-of-the-art European technology. This collection currently has twelve colors. From light to dark colors, this product line is hand-scraped with one color stain to offer the attractive look of royalty.

Kempas Maple, Autumn Maple Hand-Scraped.

Apollo Collection is hand-scraped with unique hand-painted edge to achieve the rustic yet royalty stylish appearance. This collection currently has six colors. The special edge look is called the black French Bleed borders.

Maximus Collection consists of twelve colors. From light to dark colors, this collection has natural colors, exotic species and various stained colors. The finish is smooth and vibrant that offers the ambiance of romance and royalty.

Max Windsor Floors has earned the trust and loyalty from many of its distributors throughout the West Coast. We are now in the market development stage in terms of the Mid-West and East Coast. We welcome any qualified distributors to come aboard and join forces with us to establish a long-term partnership with. We are confident that we can help our business partners towards prosperity as we have in the past.