Retail consultant andNFTcolumnist Sam Allman has written a new book on improving selling techniques. CalledHeart and Mind Selling: The New Secret to Closing the Sale and Winning the Customer for Life,the book offers retailers, franchise owners and industry professionals advice and tips on cultivating customer loyalty and enticing consumers to not only buy, but return to the store again and again.

"More than ever before, retailers are desperate to discover the secret to retaining customers, increasing profits, and keeping shoppers from running to the competition," says Allman. "The secret, however, is simple. It's all about the connection. If you want to improve your business and your sales figures, you need to do more than make a sale; you need to have a meaningful encounter with the customer. You need to approach the interaction as a two-way street, one that builds loyalty on both ends and creates a bond that is stronger than the lure of the competition."

InHeart and Mind Selling,Allman describes the steps to making a "loyalty sale." His approach includes advice on:

*How to change your selling mindset. Through anecdotes and exercises, Allman illustrates the common mistakes sellers make and outlines the steps to a customer-centered sales approach.

*Selling to men vs. women. Unsurprisingly, men and women have different buying habits. Allman explains how to sell to both genders.

*How to avoid the "seven deadly sins of retail." Allman uncovers the hidden traps of the typical retail business and shows ways to increase the bottom line through a top-down evaluation of day-to-day business practices.

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