With a plan to offer hard surface products at discounted prices, Alliance Flooring's subsidiary Color Tile Outlet is partnering up with Big Bob's Flooring Outlet. . Color Tile has offered to sell their hard items such as laminate and ceramic together with Big Bob's Flooring's cash and carry carpets and other specials, the integration slated for early winter and marking Color Tile's first licensing agreement.

"We are thrilled to announce that Big Bob's Flooring Outlet is incorporating Color Tile Outlet as a ‘store within a store,'" stated Ron Dunn, co-president and CEO of Alliance Flooring. "Their stores are clean and orderly and they have hard-hitting advertising that drives traffic."

Another benefit to the outlets' integration, Color Tile adds, is the overall revenue opportunities for each of the company's members.

"This relationship will certainly be synergistic." Big Bob's Flooring president David Elyachar commented. "Where we are the weakest, Color Tile Outlet will bring about our strengths."