In a bid to increase the design flexibility of its carpet fiber, Invista unveiled a major expansion to its Antron commercial brand during NeoCon. The company more than doubled the number of colors in the Antron Lumena solution dyed nylon line to 200. The new options use “a broader, brighter, deeper and richer color spectrum,” according to the company.

Antron color and styling manager Patsy Kulpers said the color line was updated with contemporary looks in mind. “The new color options give end-users the opportunity to select color combinations for commercial carpet that are very current and specific to their needs,” she said. She added that new colors were selected by lining up existing colors and “filling in the gaps.”

“We started filling in the gaps to create a color line that covers the various hue families, and values within those families, to maximize color flexibility in finished carpet,” she noted.

Certified as an Environmentally Preferable Product, Antron Lumena fiber is made of type 6,6 nylon polymer and treated with DuraTech for soil resistance. The fiber is widely recognized as extremely durable and is used in carpet styles from “all the leading carpet mills,” the company noted.