“Over a year ago, we undertook a rigourous study of the hardwood forest industry in our quest for continued innovation and excellence. We concluded that our growth strategy must be channelled through innovative technology transfers and improvements of our hardwood manufacturing facilities and through the consolidation of raw material allocation and harvesting contracts. This study led to a revolutionary hybrid sawmill concept which set the foundation for our future development strategy” said David Lauzon, President.

Additional investments and new jobs will be created following the construction of the hybrid sawmill as part of Lauzon’s $50 Million master plan to further enhance its multiple hardwood flooring and recycling operations. The Thurso hardwood converting process will be unique in its kind in North America. Coupled with the raw material supply now secured, Lauzon holds all the ingredients to maintain its market leadership in the high-end wood flooring industry, in the wood recyling industry and soon, in the hardwood sawmill industry.

David Lauzon, President.

The Thurso mill project accelerates Lauzon’s ability to expand its product range at highly competitive prices worldwide, to reduce product turnover time in the chain of custody, to change over to a Just-in-Time production cycle and to provide a level of service which defines a world class corporation.

The new mill’s capacity will be increased from 30 million board feet annually to 54 million board feet annually thereby absorbing Lauzon’s projected growth over the next 3 years.

LAUZON’s success is the result of an aggressive differentiation strategy which maintains its competitive edge and build’s customer awareness. This is achieved through a tight and optimal coordination of marketing, sales and R&D initiatives that have produced highly successful brands such as LAUZON, ETERNA and DUBEAU. The Thurso project is yet another example of Lauzon’s corporate differentiation strategy to constantly challenge the best in the industry.