DARIA antracita

We at TAU are constantly working to create innovative new materials to add to our state-of-the-art TAU Metálica tile collection and this work has led to the first major new product of the year which sees a move towards combining metal with two of the key trends in interior design: colour and natural stones. This means that we can put over a far wider variety of feels ranging from bright and lively right through to simple and elegant.

The METAL SLATE model gives us a first touch of colour. The TAU collection covers a wide range of shades (whites, ochres, reds, etc) showing what can be done by combining metal with bright colours, thus offering new interior design alternatives. This model initially comes in 45x45 and 60x60 formats. This new range of metals also includes the OXUS model which is available in a 31x60 wall tile format and also in a 45x45 version and in white, red, black and blue. The series offers even more amazing new ways of combining the latest trends in decorative materials.

Basalto azul (blue)

Staying in the TAU Metálica range but moving on to natural stones this time, our METAL STONE and BASALTO models are something of a new departure for us. The latter is a quieter, more elegant option, drawing on the restrained, modern colours so often used in minimalist interiors and it will initially be available in 30x60, 45x45 and 60x60 formats. Our METAL STONE model was first launched at Cevisama 2006 and it is now also available in a 60x120 format.

Our second major launch for 2007 is the TAU ZEN collection, which comes in a new format offering truly spectacular dimensions (32x90 wall tiles and 45x45 floor tiles). Its main selling points are its simplicity and distinction. The first models in this collection to be launched are DARIA, AMUR, TARIM and SHILKA providing a wide range of colours and decorative styles.

And finally we must not overlook new stone-inspired high-tech porcelain tile models such as the BAUDÓ, AMPOSTA, SAURO and ASTÚN which can be ordered in a whole range of different finishes (relief work, satin finishes, polished finishes, non-slip, etc.) The wide range of products available from TAU for 2007 also includes new materials using leather (SERP, RANGER) or textile (ANDINA) textures as well as a number of other models (THAMEL, KREHAN).