Hard surface products have never been more advanced or more attractive, but they also require attention to detail during installation. Pictured here is new laminate tile from Mannington seen in the Adirondack pattern, which uses the company's NatureForm Optix process and embossed-in-register texturing. Installers take note: The pattern has five unique planks to help eliminate “repeat.”

We store our underlayment in a heated warehouse. Do we still have to acclimate on the job site?

We are located in an area that has high summer humidity. Is it possible to ever get concrete dry enough (3 pounds per 1,000 s/f per 24 hours) for a vinyl-backed sheet product?

What are your thoughts about installing over gypsum concrete?

What causes VCT tile to gap when installed over concrete, especially in corridors?

What are your thoughts on calcium chloride testing?

Does lightweight concrete dry as fast as normal weight concrete?

When installing over a slab that has been treated with a moisture remediation treatment and skim coated with a cementitious underlayment coating is the substrate porous or non-porous?

I have had several instances where the seam sealer I have been using has turned “milky.”  What causes  this?

How deep should a heat welded seam in a sheet vinyl be grooved?