“Underlayments with recycled content from MP Global have always provided firm support, insulating value and sound suppression, but the newest addition of QuietWarmth also provides safe and gentle radiant heat for most hard surfaces.


Since the company’s inception as Midwest Padding in 1997, the company’s focus was to manufacture products from post-industrial/pre-consumer synthetic fibers; byproducts from the carpet and textile industries.  The desire was to make products that enhance people’s quality of life while at the same time utilizing waste that may have otherwise gone into landfills.  2007 marks the company’s 10th anniversary, and is still recycling these fibers to manufacture underlayments for flooring.  While some companies may be stretching or re-inventing their products in order to get certified for Green Building Projects, MP Global comes by it naturally.  Al Collison, Founder and President of MP Global Products stated “We’ve always been a “Green” company since we opened our doors for business 10 years ago.  We haven’t had to change anything in our process to make our products sustainable, we’ve always been the genuine article.”

To earn the Scientific Certification System’s (SCS) Indoor Advantage Gold certification for one product is an achievement for any manufacturer of architectural products.  MP Global, a manufacturer of flooring underlayment and acoustical products, is proud to announce that its entire family of fiber underlayment products including Quiet Walk™, Quiet Warmth™, Insulayment™, and Fiberbacker™ acoustical are now certified at the highest level achievable for indoor air quality.

Indoor air quality is a focus of the U.S. EPA, the U.S. Green Building Council, and health professionals.  “Knowing what is under your carpet or hard floor is just as important as what you are walking on when it comes to a healthy breathing environment.  Children are particularly susceptible to toxic emissions from products in the home, and product emissions in the work place contribute to health problems in sensitive individuals,” comments Bob Pratt, Technical Director at MP Global.  “With this certification, you don’t have to take our word about our product’s emissions.  These products have been tested extensively in an independent laboratory setting.”

SCS tests and certifies products for compliance with the indoor air quality emission requirements of Section 01350. Annual site audits focus on sample selection for testing and the documented control system, including the mechanisms that the company has in place to ensure continuing compliance of the product and supplier variability. Protocols related to chain–of-custody, sample conditioning, air testing, chemical analyses, and emission calculations are open and transparent allowing test results to be scientifically verified by competing labs. An important distinction between Indoor Advantage™ Gold and GreenGuard™ is the use of health-based Chronic Reference Exposure Levels (CRELs) as thresholds rather than Total VOCs and Threshold Limit Values (TLVs).

Besides the environmental advantages, underlayments from MP Global Products provide excellent acoustical properties.  QuietWalk also provides moisture protection, while QuietWarmth provides radiant heat.  For more information visit MP Global Products on the web at www.QuietWalk.com, or call or write to (888) 379-9695; P.O. Box 2283 Norfolk, NE 68702