LATICRETE Floor HEAT is the newest, fastest and easiest floor warming product on the market to order, sell or install.

With LATICRETE Floor HEAT say goodbye to repeated faxes, drawings and inaccurate estimates. LATICRETE innovative room layout software has made it simple, quick and accurate to estimate, layout and identify your floor warming needs online. Take a few minutes, not days, to complete a layout and receive an accurate estimate. Floor warming under tile and stone has been the hottest category in the industry for years. Spend your time adding incremental profits to your bottom line, not drawing! Let

LATICRETE work for you!

Equipped with self-adhesive mesh, tape and wire, LATICRETE Floor HEAT does not require a time consuming and costly mortar bed under the mat. That means you save big on labor and materials! In addition,

LATICRETE Floor HEAT, with its self-adhesive backing, helps avoid the most common issue associated with a failed installation, a nail, staple or trowel nicking the heated cables and disrupting continuity. LATICRETE Floor HEAT means installers get the job done right the first time!

If that’s not enough, when

LATICRETE Floor HEAT is installed with the LATICRETE System, a single warranty covers not only the floor warming mat and components, but the thin-set mortar and grout.

LATICRETE Floor HEAT is the most comprehensive floor warming program available, offering a true single source supplier from the substrate up!

Enjoy the benefits of superior products and nationwide product support, all designed to increase your profits.