“Good help is hard to find.” Carpet installation professionals won’t be saying this any longer thanks to the new ARROW® ET155™ ProShot®3. This electric staple gun is a must-have tool for the flooring industry. Its superior quality, durability and reliability will save professionals time and money.

The ET155™ is the next generation to the Arrow® ET150™ Proshot®2, and, like its predecessor, it is a rugged professional tool, packing 12 amps of power without the need for a cumbersome air compressor and hose.

The ET155™ fires 3/16’’ (5mm) width narrow crown staples, which become virtually invisible when driven into place, a feature that makes this staple the preferred choice among carpet installers. In addition, the ET155™ accepts four different length staples: 5/16” (8mm), 3/8” (10mm), 1/2” (12mm), and 9/16” (14mm). With the ET155™’s penetrating adjustment dial you can fully control the driving power depending on the type of wood and thickness of the materials you’re using.

The key difference between the ET155™ and ET150™ is that the ET155™ can use narrow crown staples from Duo-Fast® (5/16”, 3/8”, 1/2”, 9/16”), Stanley-Bostitch® (9/16”) and Crain® (9/16”) as well as Arrow Fastener® (3/8”, 1/2”, 9/16”).

Like the ET150™, the ET155™ is a powerful, compact tool. Beneath its lightweight, die-cast aluminum housing is extraordinary power to drive staples flush. With all this power, the ET155™ is still compact enough to work in snug spaces, such as stair risers. Stapling in tight corners is no longer a problem thanks to the ET155’s 7/8” (22mm) extended nose.

Among the many features of the ET155™ Proshot®3 are:

• Patented jam-proof mechanism for trouble-free use

• Solid State circuitry

• Penetration adjustment dial

• Trigger safety lock

• 7/8” extended nose

• Easy access staple chamber

• Built-in 10 foot cord

• Contoured grip for comfort

The ET155™ also comes with a durable custom-molded case for convenient storage.

The ET155™ Proshot®3 embodies Arrow Fastener’s commitment to making superior quality and reliable tools. It is available at contractor outlets as well as carpet and flooring distributors. For more information about this product or any other ARROW products, please visit our website at

Duofast is a registered trademark Duofast Corporation.

STANLEY & BOSTITCH are registered trademarks of The Stanley Works.

CRAIN is a registered trademark of Crain Cutter Co., Inc.