Simple color selection. Choice flooring products. With Distinct Designs, Flexco has continued its evolutionary path of being the best manufacturer of design-oriented flooring products.  Introduced last year, Distinct Designs continues its success by allowing individuals selecting flooring products to choose from any Flexco color palette and any Flexco rubber tile or tread profile – without limitations or minimums.

Architects and designers alike are beginning to look beyond just initial job cost when looking at rubber tile. With its versatility, durable construction and reduced life cycle costs, rubber tile is being used in education and healthcare applications now more than ever. Given these benefits, and more, how could you go wrong? 

Flexco’s rubber tile is PVC free and may contribute to LEED credits. It provides a natural resistance to bacteria and fungi, exceeds ADA recommendations for slip resistance, and reduces leg fatigue and noise. Plus, the variety of profiles and patterns maintain consistent color throughout with low maintenance and no waxing.

Flexco’s rubber flooring can also be used in commercial kitchens by simply specifying the Repel formulation when ordering. Unlike others on the market, Flexco’s Repel formulation is actually put into the product itself, rather than applied as a topcoat that will wear off. 

Innovative design. Flooring performance. Flexco is dedicated to being the best provider of flooring products for quality, service and design.