Basic Coating’s TyKote® Recoating system is the easiest and proven way to refinish Aluminum Oxide Factory Finished flooring.  Until Basic developed this innovative process the only way to refinish these floors was a much more labor intensive. The unique process involves cleaning the floor with Basic’s Intensive Floor Treatment, Squeaky cleaner and the Dirt Dragon™ a simple and efficient floor preparation machine. The floor is then coated with TyKote a chemical which allows Basic’s industry leading finish StreetShoe to be applied to most any type of finish from waterbased to oil, aluminum oxide to industrial type finishes.

Recently a factory finish floor was installed which had an uneven sheen appearance.  This off specification appearance was not noticeable until the installation was completed.  The homeowner was very upset at the uneven appearance and was looking a remedy from the installing contractor or flooring manufacturer. The manufacturer was contacted and they recommended the use of Basic Coating’s TyKote system as the only solution.  The floor was refinished by the Walnut Valley Company of Augusta, Kansas and the homeowner was impressed with the appearance.  Basic’s TyKote process saved the contractor and pre-finished flooring manufacturer from replacing the floor or completely sanding and refinishing, which would have caused even more delay and inconvenience to the homeowner. 

The TyKote system is a problem solver for hard to coat floors including textured, hand-scrapped, and aged floors, which cannot be sanded without losing their look and character.  The Tykote Dustless Recoat System is the easiest way to recoat wood floors.  This innovative system makes it easier than ever to give your customers beautiful wood floors.  This fast and easy 3 step process means floors can be recoated in one night, and back in business the next. 

TyKote is a wood floor bonding agent that bonds water-based coatings to existing wood floors.  There is no need to use dry or wet screening with TyKote. This dustless system requires no special training and enhances deep gloss with less finish. The TyKote Dustless Recoat System is the answer for all wood floors.  Visit your local Basic retailer today to learn even more about this one-of-a-kind product.