Beaulieu of America introduced their first dealer interactive website back in 1999 and recently completed a major restructuring of the site.  It is one of the most user friendly web applications available to dealers.  The new design was created to provide an information system for busy people who do not have time to learn a complicated process.  Users can manage their accounts 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  For these users, Beaulieu is always open.  Here are some of the outstanding features of this new system:

• Shop our available inventory and put selections in your own personal shopping cart.

• When you are ready, take your shopping cart to checkout and place your order.

• View a personal listing of shipments for any given day or multiple days.

• Inquire about the status of a previously placed order.

• View your current price list, print it, or download it for your files.

• Check on your accounts receivable records.

• View your credit memos and check on your invoice due dates.

• Pay your invoices online using an Automated Clearing House (ACH) or credit card.

• Find out the status of a pending claim or enter a new claim.

• Control the access of the system to individual users within your company.

The final design of the site took over a year of planning and included the input of many departments at Beaulieu; as well as, a number of customers.  The overall goal of the design was to appeal to casual users and power users alike.  Beaulieu wants to give its customers the tools they need to effectively run their operations.  If a consumer makes a late visit to their showroom and needs a particular product in a hurry, the dealer can use AccessBeaulieu to verify a price, check stock and place the order even if the mill is closed.  They can use the system to track the progress of the order to insure that they can install it in the timeframe that is required.  The mill does not need to be open for them to get the information when they need it.  The dealer is in complete control. 

Beaulieu has prepared an informative brochure outlining all the features and benefits of this new system.  The brochure shows actual screen images and explains all the different functions.  You can obtain a copy of the publication by sending an e-mail to ( or by calling the AccessBeaulieu help desk toll free at 877-287-4778.  The help desk will send you a copy of the brochure and will be glad to set up your account at your convenience.  The AccessBeaulieu service is absolutely free.