Tarkett Wood recently sold the assets of its hardwood plants in Johnson City, Tenn., and an additional plant in Indiana to New Stream Capital, a private equity firm based in Ridgefield, Conn. With this move, Tarkett has bowed out of the hardwood flooring business in the United States. Additionally, a new company called ArborCraft has been formed and is set to relaunch the Harris brand of hardwood flooring at Surfaces.

“The Harris brand has been a major part of the industry for 80 years, and we’re planning to launch some new stuff at Surfaces and clean up some of the older styles,” said Wendy McIlquham, ArborCraft’s marketing director. The company will exhibit at booth #4034.

ArborCraft is headed by CEO Matt Galvez from New Stream Capital as well as COO Scott Fullerton. Much of the original team from Tarkett Wood remained with the new owner, McIlquham added.

“We knew it was coming for a long time,” she told NFT. “Tarkett is the biggest in the world when it comes to vinyl flooring. But wood was almost like a poor cousin in comparison because it’s a smaller business and quite different. They will be better off focusing on their strengths and we can focus on this business.”

She noted that ArborCraft hasn’t severed all its ties to Tarkett. “We can use the Tarkett name for a few years and we still have a few sales and distribution agreements in place,” she said.

New products set for Surfaces under the Harris brand include three core lines: an “engineered timeworn antique scrape,” an engineered floor that resembles “a worn painted floor” and a collection of wider scraped solids.