Karastan has revamped its Certified Installer Program to include “the latest tools, techniques and carpet constructions in a comprehensive combination of training, DVDs and Resource Guides.” The 11-year-old program is overseen by CFI’s CEO Jim Walker.

“Karastan’s Certified Installer Program offers the most comprehensive, up-to-date training in the industry,” Walker noted. “It is driven by dedicated Karastan sales associates, who organize and identify dealers that want to provide the finest installations available. This is a true partnership between all parties-Karastan, its dealers, and the installation professionals.”

The program includes a two-day seminar, hands-on training and skills testing. Before certification is awarded, installers must pass a written exam, construct seams in various carpet types, align patterns, demonstrate correction installation techniques and upholster a stair.

Steve Haber, president of flooring store G. Fried in Sarastota, Fla., said the experience has been invaluable for his installers. “The benefit for our installers is unmeasured,” he said. “Our customers receive a degree of installation excellence that is not offered by my competitors.”

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