Faus Group has licensed the use of several of its patented laminate flooring technologies to manufacturers in China. Specifically, Faus has licensed its Embossed in Register and Joint Guard/bevel edge technologies to PowerDekor and Elegant Living. PowerDekor is a leading producer of laminate flooring in China. Additionally, Elegant Living is the leading manufacturer of solid and engineered hardwood in the country. The company also makes laminate flooring.

According to Faus, these partnerships help underscore the “importance” of the company’s patented technologies. “These new business relationships further demonstrate the importance and durability of Faus’ intellectual property for surface technologies for laminate flooring products,” Faus said.

The recent licenses were granted to manufacturers and sister companies including: Power Dekor Group Co. Ltd and Power Dekor CFL (Jiangsu) Flooring Co. Ltd.; as well as New Elegant Living Timber Manufacturing (Zhongshan) Ltd., and Baroque Timber Industries in Tianjin and Zhongshan.