In a move that fundamentally changes the way it does business, Faus said it will begin working directly with specialty retailers to promote and market the company's full line of Fausfloor laminate products, merchandising and programs. Previously, Faus worked indirectly with retailers through a distribution network.

Juan Flores, Faus' president, said the new arrangement would be beneficial to retailers. "Now we will be able to have a dialogue with retailers to find out what the consumer wants directly," he said. "We'll also be able to respond to customers quicker."

Flores said the decision to market directly to retailers came after Hoboken Floors filed for bankruptcy last year. Faus had about 1,000 displays in the territory that Hoboken served when the distributor closed its doors. To help smooth the transition, Faus began working directly with the retailers in the area. Flores said through that experience he realized that Faus' customers would be better served by the company striking out on its own.

"We found that our story wasn't really being told," he said. "One of the main reasons for this decision is that we need to tell the unique story of Faus to the industry."

He also acknowledged that the challenging economy made it necessary for the company to cease working with distributors. "Today's economic conditions demand tough decisions, and we feel this is the best way to service our existing and new customers in the future," he said.

The company has about 2,400 displays placed throughout the country, with warehousing capabilities on the East and West Coast. Flores said his company would focus on two things: "customer service and sales support."

"The goal is to provide better customer service to retailers," Flores said.