Pictured is (from left) John Wells, general manager, and Robert Taylor, owner, of Taylor Flooring after receiving the Mohawk ColorCenter Dealer of the Year award from Jeff Lorberbaum, CEO of Mohawk Industries. The Halifax, Nova Scotia-based company was honored for "the professionalism, quality and service that we set out to help dealers create through the Mohawk ColorCenter System," said Manny Llerena, vp retail marketing for Mohawk. "For years, Taylor Flooring has helped set an example for others to follow."

Taylor said his company was honored to receive the award. “It is a thrill to win this award,” he noted, adding, “We believe in the ColorCenter program and it has helped our success.

A veteran of the distribution business, Taylor Flooring opened a retail store in 1993. Since then, the company has grown to four stores. All four are part of the Mohawk ColorCenter program. The company is well known for actively promoting green products and services, and for contributing to a variety of charities and community programs.